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Most common (but not limited too) repairs that we do:

  • Pump repair/replacement

  • Alarm Float repair/ replacement

  • Baffle repairs


At Central Penn Septic...

we encourage you to watch for these signs that could indicate trouble with your septic system. 

Odors – When your septic becomes over-full, gases from your tank start to create an odor. If you begin to smell an odor in your toilet, inside drains, or in the area outside close to your drain field, then it’s time to call Central Penn Septic!


Standing/Ponding Water- Standing water in your yard located near your drain field or septic tank is an indicator that your septic system is overwhelmed. This should be taken care of immediately, as the water is coming from your septic system and if left unaddressed will begin to back up into your house.


Slow Drains/Flushing- If you notice that the bathtub, shower, toilet or sinks are draining slower than usual, your septic system may be clogged or over-full.

Extra Lush Grass- We all enjoy lush green grass in our yards, however if the grass above your septic tank, drain field, or sand mound appears substantially healthier than other areas of your yard, there is an issue. Water is most likely leaking out of your septic system causing the grass to flourish more readily. This leak could be a system leak, a clogged pipe, or simply an indicator that your tank is over-full; All which require repair.

Gurgling Water/ Sewage Backup- Gurgling noise in your drains are the beginning signs from your septic system of an impending sewage back up. However, if you have a sewage backup you will know! Sewage will back up into your house through the drains in your home, such as the bathtub, shower, sinks and toilets. Call immediately for Emergency Septic Services. At Central Penn Septic, we are ready to help, even on weekend or after business hours!

We care about your septic system! Please do not ignore any of these signs. Left unattended to these issues can lead to very costly repairs and have long term damaging effects on your septic system.


We are committed to helping you!

Central Penn Septic proudly partners with other locally owned & operated septic companies who offer services beyond our scope of business. If you find yourself in need of more than Central Penn Septic can provide, we are happy to help you connect with someone who can meet your septic needs!


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